women's health & fertility

Women's Health & Fertility

  -A women's cycle is the fifth vital sign of the female body-


This program teaches you how to track your cycles with 3 fertile signs : basal body temperature (your temperature upon waking) , your cervical fluid and the position of your cervix.


I use this method for nearly everything in my women's practice as this is a beautiful tool to:

  • Screen for hormonal imbalances (short luteal phases / anovulation/ underlying thyroid issues)
  • Find your fertile window in order to conceive a baby
  • OR prevent pregnancy (natural contraceptive; women are only fertile a few days a month)

We also use this tool in order to see the progress during nutritional therapy plans for most gynaecoligical or hormonal conditions. 

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This is a medical nutrition therapeutic plan for fertility and trying to conceive a baby.


Ideally, preconception planning should start a year or two before TTC. This allows time for a heavy metal detox and really creating an optimal first home for your babe.


Preparing the body for pregnancy should start at least 3-6 months prior to conceiving esp if you are coming off hormonal birth control. 

Hormonal birth control depletes the female body of many nutrients and your body needs to rebalance its own hormone production again in order to become a healthy receptive vessel to conceive and develop a healthy embryo.


This is a 3-6 month course that focuses on BBT training (see above) , functional nutrition, supplements and lifestyle approaches to prepare your unique body for carrying a baby full term, taking into concideration any medical conditions or gynaecological issues present.






*This option is highly recommended for any clients with health conditions or fertility issues trying to conceive*
  • The initial consult is as long as it takes for me to really know you and your situation and your goals.

  • The first two months we focus on :

  • learning to track your fertility with BBT and using it as a screening tool for hormonal imbalances

  • Replenishing nutrient stores for your own health and that which is needed for a healthy conception & pregnancy

  • Doing any hormonal and nutrient testing if we feel it necessary

  • After two month, if we are satisfied with test results and your BBT graph, we can really start focusing on the fertile window and how to optimise your fertile days for conceiving a baby.


  • PLease note that if there are hormonal imbalances or underlying conditions , these will be treated first before focussing on TTC and this program will lean more towards a 6 month window before TTC.
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