women's health & fertility

Women's Health & Fertility

This is the most comprehensive nutrition support offered for pregnancy. Starting this as early in your pregnancy as possible provides you support throughout your pregnancy in terms of functional lab tests and correct vitamin supplementation at appropriote times leading up to birth. This also includes the last few weeks of preparing your body for labour and birth as well as post natal and lactation nutrition. I am comprehensive with lab tests post partum to monitor recovery and healing and future health & fertility.

  • Nutrition during pregnancy
  • Lab tests
  • Preparing for birth nutritionally
  • Postpartum & lactation nutrition therapy
*This option is highly recommended for any health conditions during pregnancy*
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Basic Prenatal


Preparing for birth


Post Partum

nutrition support

Once off consult, unlimited time discussing your nutritional needs for pregnancy, prenatal vitamins and how to adapt your lifestyle to optimise your pregnancy health or a specific health condition while still focussing on your baby's needs during pregnancy. This is mainly a consult to discuss specific questions you may have and finding guidance and resources and confidence in your approach.


This includes my prenatal nutrition plan with all the important info, tips, recipes etc.

In the weeks leading up to birth there are many nutritional factors playing a role in your body physically preparing for labour and birth as well as crucial nutrient stores being built up in baby for his/her life outside of the womb whether or not you plan a natural birth. Optimal nutrient stores can make the difference between a smooth natural labour and a birth complicated by interventions. 

  • Lab tests

  • Food as medicine

  • Appropriate supplementation

If you do plan to have a natural, physiological birth, I can also advise you on nutrition during the actual labour and birth process.


Recovering from birth is still a beautiful art in the east and there is so much to learn from cultures who still revere the post partum time as a time for sacred nourishment. Physically, mentally and spiritually. This is a time to support hormonal health back to pre-pregnancy. Nutritional therapy is crucial in this time to support your future health and possible consequent fertility and pregnancies.

if you do not require full prenatal Nutrition care, the options below are for individual phases 
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